Thursday, July 5, 2007

Taste of Chicago

Every year toward the end of June, more than 60 restaurants set up booths in the Grant Park area and people flock to the area and stuff their faces. I have been one of the people who stuffs my face at Taste of Chicago for 11 years now. I love food, so of course I love this event! Some of the food I've had there through the years: pierogies, enchiladas, tacos, gyros, pizza, hummus, BBQ turkey wing, pad thai, sauteed goat, empanada, cheeseburger, samosa, baklava, cheesecake, merlot chocolate chip ice cream, sweet potato pie, churro... I could go on and on. I like going with someone and sharing taste portions, so more different items can be tried. In addition to all the food, there are a couple rides, entertainment, and some booths that give out freebies. This event is also special to me in that for 11 years straight, I have always met up with my friend Abigail at Taste one of the days it's going on. It's become such a fun tradition, and one I hope will continue for many many more years. This year had a record breaking opening day--over 310,000 people.

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